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Our Pupil Leaders

We are extremely proud of the pupils at our school. They have a wide range of talents and skills and regularly live out our school IDEALS. As a school we encourage the children in leadership roles throughout their time with us. There are many different leadership roles and responsibilities:

  • Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl
  • Class Ambassadors
  • School Council
  • Sports Council
  • Eco Council
  • Play Leaders
  • Worship Team
  • Librarians
  • Art Team

Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl


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Head Boy and Head Girl

The Head Boy and Head Girl have many responsibilities at Bishop’s Tachbrook CE Primary School. They welcome our visitors and take them on a tour of our school, sharing stories and information about the school and their time here. The children share their ideas and experiences of school at our open days for new reception parents too.  Chairing the school council meetings, they use the agendas they have created to lead developments across school and listen to and gather pupil voice. One of the roles they enjoy most is ordering the rewards for our raffle ticket winners, ensuring the prizes will be treasured by children with a range of ages and interests and sticking to a tight budget. They also represent the school at any special occasions offsite.

The children in Year 6 are able to apply for the position of Head Boy and Head Girl. They write a letter to the head teacher to share the qualities that they have that shows they will be able to fulfil the role. Children are then shortlisted from the letters they write and interviewed by the head teacher and chair of governors.

Our Head Girl this year is Ellie and our Head Boy is Sachin:

We also have a Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl who support the Head Boy and Head Girl with running the school council and are ready to step up and take on any additional responsibilities where the Head Boy and Head Girl . They also help to welcome visitors to school and take them on a tour.

Our Deputy Head Girl this year is Willow and our Deputy Head Boy is Albert:

We introduced the role of Head Boy and Head Girl to Bishop’s Tachbrook CE Primary School in September 2021.

Year Head Boy Head Girl Deputy Head Boy Deputy Head Girl
2023-24 Sachin Bhatoe Ellie Mobbs Albert Tulpan Willow Smith
2022-23 George Webster Isla Brooks Ethan Emmanuel Amberley Plastow
2021-22 Oliver Edwards Annabel Greenhalgh Oliver Mullins Gracie Aldersley-Madden

Class Ambassadors

Ambassador Green Shield Pin Badge

Class Ambassadors

At the start of each school year, each class nominate and then vote for two Class Ambassadors. This role involves greeting any visitors to their classroom and helping them to understand what learning is happening when they visit. They also answer any questions the visitor might have about their class.

Meet our current Class Ambassadors

Year 1 – Alica and Chester


Year 2 – Richie and Ruby


Year 3 – Logan and Beth

Year 4 – Theo and Felicity

Year 5 – Jacob and Imogen

Year 6 – Daniel and Sienna

School Council Members

School Council Badge Blue (Pack Of 5) - School Merit Stickers

School Council

Our school council meet regularly to discuss life in school, suggest improvements and monitor how things are working when changes are made. They also help to make decisions about fundraising for our school charity. The Head Boy and Head Girl run the school council meetings and organise the agendas.

The school council found that several children in school were unhappy about the school dinners. They shared many ways that school dinners needed to be improved, from the dining experience to the food itself. Their thoughts and opinions were considered by the head teacher and senior leadership team and we have recently welcomed a new catering company (ABM) to provide the food at lunchtimes. We are all excited to see how this changes our lunchtime experience.

Raising money to support our school charity has combined with the children’s passion to support Mrs Dixon’s sister to help the people who have been affected by the Earthquakes in Turkey. The council have planned a sponsored inflatable obstacle course challenge to raise money for both UNICEF and a local Turkish charity, Ahbap.

Meet our current School Council members:

Year 1 – Anika and Chase

Year 2 – Aurelia and Corey

Year 3 -  Sehb and Oscar

Year 4 – Edith and Toby

Year 5 – Joe and Flo

Year 6 – Darcey and Amelia

Eco Council Members


Eco Council

Our Eco Council team work hard to ensure that we are doing as much as we can to protect the environment in school. They monitor the solar panel electricity generation and report on it to Mrs Kilbey and the governors at school. They also encourage classes to remember to recycle any unwanted paper, turn off lights and whiteboards if they are not in use and close windows when the heating is on. They meet at the start of each month to discuss ideas about making our school as environmentally friendly as possible.

Meet our Eco team:


Sports Council Members

Sports Council Enamel Badge (Pack Of 5) - School Merit Stickers

Sports Council

Our Sports Council team work hard to make sure that playtimes and lunchtimes are active, with enough playground equipment. They also bring back information about how we can further improve opportunities for children to take part in sporting events both within school and outside of school.

Meet our current Sports Council team:

Year 3 –        


Year 4 – 


Year 5 –                


Year 6 – 


Play Leaders


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Play Leaders

Our Play Leaders are trained by Mrs Potter to support games and playground activities at lunchtimes. Once they have completed their training they are allowed to organise games and activities on the playgrounds for other children. They encourage children to join in with the games and explain rules clearly so that the games are able to be played successfully. On rainy days, the play leaders support our KS1 and Reception children to play board games in their classrooms.

Meet our current Play Leaders:


Worship Team

Worship Enamel Badge (Pack Of 5) - School Merit Stickers

Worship Team

Our Worship Team take the lead in Collective Worship in many ways: they light candles, select greetings, write prayers of reflection and select blessings. They are also able to plan and deliver whole worship sessions linked to our IDEALS. Children volunteer to be part of the worship team, and all children who would like to join are included on the rota. Members of the worship team share what we have been thinking about in the weekly newsletter.

Meet our current worship team members:



Librarian Bar Badge by School Badges UK


   Our Librarians work hard in the library at lunchtimes to make sure the books are all returned to their correct places and are in good quality. Any books that are damaged they put aside to be repaired. They also consider the range of books available to the children and bring back suggestions of new books we could purchase for the library to Mrs Rhodes.

Meet our current Librarians: 

Year 5 – 


Year 6 - 

Art Teams

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Art Team

Teaching art takes lots of preparation of resources, and we have lots of children who volunteer to help Mrs Dixon make sure that everything is ready for the children to begin learning as soon as they step into the studio.

Meet our current Art Teams:

  Wednesday Art Team


Thursday Art Team


Friday Art Team