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Mrs Hanson


Mrs Hanson's portrait is drawn by Alex (Year 4) in the style of IsaLu Ishii. (You can find out more about the artist at the bottom of this page.)

Mrs Hanson is a lunchtime supervisor and also helps to keep our school clean. We asked her some questions to find out more about her:

IsaLu Ishii

After graduating in Italian language and literature, IsaLu decided to move to Florence, Italy, where she lived for five years until 2008 when she moved to London.

IsaLu had been drawing all her life using mostly soft pastels and charcoal when finally, she decided to start exploring papercutting to better translate her vision. It has since become her favourite medium.

Her imagination is tickled mainly by the aesthetics of vintage comics, traditional tattoo art, vintage circus, drag and pop art. She likes to play with the dual nature of objects, people and animals, transposing contexts to highlight some not so obvious features.