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Miss Kimberley


Mrs Kimberley's portrait is drawn by Sophie in the style of Sandra Silberzweig. (You can find out more about the artist at the bottom of this page.)

Miss Kimberley is a Year 6 teaching assistant and teaches French in Year 5 and Year 6. We asked her some questions to find out more about her:


Sandra Silberzweig

Sandra Silberzweig was born and raised in Toronto in the 1960s which is located in Ontario, Canada. Silberzweig is a self-taught painter and writer. She has authored several publications such as Silbersenze Sensory art lessons and games, plus books for children and adults.

Sandra Silberzweig is the Creator of the Silbersenze Method. She created a series of guided art lessons that include tips tricks and techniques that enhance sensory stimulation and awareness through art. They are based on her own evolving artistic experiences and she proudly calls this, The Silbersenze Method. The Silbersenze Method helps her realise and understand her feelings.