Year 3

Class Page for Year 3

Welcome to the Summer Term in Year 3! Here you can read news about our class and find out what we will be learning this term.

Helpful things to know:

Mrs. Cadman teaches Year 3 on Monday and Tuesday.

Mrs. White teaches Year 3 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

If you need to get a message to either of us, please email the school office at and they will pass it on.

P.E. is on a Wednesday in week A and a Tuesday in week B. (You can check which week it is here: Please come to school on a P.E. day in your P.E. kit rather than normal uniform.

English and Maths homework (in alternate weeks) will be set on Teams on a Friday, to be handed in by the following Wednesday. Spellings to learn will be published on Teams on a Monday. An additional homework activity relating to one of our topics will be posted on Teams too. This may be a single task, a choice of tasks or a longer project to span several weeks. 

In our English work this term, we will be using our topic of Ancient Egypt as a theme for a lot of our writing.  We will be consolidating our use of direct speech punctuation and will be learning to use the apostrophe to show possession on plural nouns. We will be making our writing more descriptive by using similes and extending our sentences with a wider range of conjunctions.  We will be learning to spell words from the National Curriculum statutory word list as well as words linked to our Science and topic themes. We will also continue to look at spelling patterns in words and further develop our dictionary and thesaurus skills. Throughout our English work, we will continue to develop our handwriting skills and use of accurate sentence punctuation and will be proofreading and editing our writing.

In Maths we shall be continuing with multiplication and division before moving on to work on fractions. We shall also be learning to tell the time - this will include telling the time to 5 minutes before progressing to telling the time to the minute. We will be using the terms a.m. and p.m., beginning to understand the 24-hour clock and working out time durations. Later in the term we will be working on statistics which will involve collecting data and interpreting data presented in different ways such as pictograms, bar charts and tables.

See below for games and online tools to help you practise and develop your skills. (Click on the images to access, then choose what you would like to practise.)

 Hit the Button times tables practice

 SplashLearn login (Mrs. White will give you your login details.)

 Build a Fraction game

 Match the Fractions game

 Matching equivalent fractions

 Sorting equivalent fractions

 Finding fractions of cakes

Here is the link for TTRockStars:

Parents, please support your child(ren) with practising their times tables at home. TTRockStars is a really fun way to do this. Children will take a 'Numberclub' test weekly in school to check their progress.

Our Science topic for this half term is all about reflections and shadows. Click on the pictures below to access websites that will help you.

 What is light?

 How our eyes detect light.

  All about reflections.

 How we make shadows.

  Meanings of transparenttranslucent and opaque Light from the sun 

 All about animals that produce their own light.

In History, we begin with the exciting topic of Ancient Egypt and a visit to the Ashmolean Museum to support our learning. We will be locating Egypt and considering how life is affected by the landscape and climate there. We will find out about the River Nile and how this impacted farming for the Ancient Egyptians. We will also be learning about Ancient Egyptian beliefs, gods and mummification. Have a look at the websites below:

Learner guides, videos and more on the BBC Bitesize site:

Play games while you learn about the Ancient Egyptians on this site from National Museums Scotland:

There's lots to find out about and a quiz on the DK site:

Try the Ancient Egyptian jigsaw puzzles from the Ashmolean Museum:

Are you brave enough to explore an Egyptian tomb?

Learn how to mummify a body:


Find out about Ancient Egyptian writing:


Find out about Tutankhamun and the discovery of his tomb:


Later in the Summer term, we will be completing a local Geography study of Bishop’s Tachbrook, which will be an opportunity for map work and fieldwork as we find out about the past and present of the area.

In Design and Technology, we will be completing two projects: books with moving parts and pizzas!   

There are lots of other exciting things happening too, including Art with Mrs. Dixon on alternate Wednesday afternoons, Music with Mrs. White and French with Mrs. Morton-Abbott.

There's plenty for us all to look forward to!