Year 2

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Welcome back to school! Smile

Hello and welcome to Year 2!  It was great to have the opportunity to see most of you before the Summer Holidays and we hope that this has made the change to being in Year 2 a little easier.  We are so excited to be your teachers this year and know that we will have a lot of fun learning together.

Although there are lots of little differences in school, from the way the tables are arranged to where we have our lunches, we have been so impressed with how the children have settled into this new year.

We have already had many discussions about what our Lockdown Learning was like and the feelings we have experienced as a result of the pandemic over the last six months.  We are encouraging the children to think about how they feel every morning when they arrive at school by looking at the Zones of Regulation.

We then talk about the strategies we can use to get ourselves back to ‘feeling green’.

In English we are sharing the beautiful Oliver Jeffers book ‘Here We Are'.  It is a gorgeous book that the author wrote for his newborn son as a way of explaining the wonderful and diverse world that we live in.  In light of the uncertainty of the last few months, we thought it was the perfect way to remind the children of their place in the world and all the sights and experiences that are available for them to explore.  Our writing curriculum will be inspired by the book and we will be writing poetry and information leaflets, amongst other activities, over the next few weeks.

Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth: Jeffers,  Oliver, Jeffers, Oliver: Books

Listen to the story here

We hope that by engaging the children with this book we will encourage them to become confident and enthusiastic writers.  This in turn will allow us to tailor any catch-up criteria to create a strong foundation upon which the Year 2 English curriculum can be laid.  Our initial focus will be on the vital punctuation of capital letters and full stops as well as checking their sentences make sense.

Every child now has a reading folder and their first two reading books.  Please can you support your child by aiming to read every day, as practising little and often can make a huge difference to your child’s reading progress.  When these books have been read (at least once through) please allow your child to make their own choice of reading book, as books are only changed once a week.  This choice of book can be either from home, Leamington library, our classroom library or the school library (once it is back up and running).  It is an important skill that your child begins to make these choices as our overall goal is always to create fluent, confident readers who choose to read for pleasure.  Please also record this extra reading in their reading diaries so that we may discuss their book choices and reward their efforts.

Grammar is an important aspect of the Year 2 curriculum so we will shortly be discussing nouns and finding out about verbs and adjectives over the coming weeks. The children need to know that a proper noun starts with a capital letter as it names a specific thing.

In Maths we are focusing on ‘Number and Place Value’ and ‘Shapes’.  We have started to revisit the key concepts covered in Year 1 and will be working hard to reinforce any areas which require further input or consolidation.  We are asking the children to practise their recording of 2-digit numbers as there are a lot of reversed numbers (41 instead of 14) because of how they are said (“four-teen”).  Also to practise thinking about their number bonds to 10 and then 20 (the pairs that go together to make 10 or 20) eg. 4+6  2+8  12+8  15+5.  Homework activities will further support these skills.

Here are lots of shape games to try:

The children will shortly be set up on ‘Times Table Rockstars’, an online practice website that develops their skills of counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.  We will let you know as soon as this is set up and ready to go.

Our PSHE topic this half term is Healthy and Happy Friendships.  This topic explores friendships: their importance, what being a good friend means, and how to keep friendships positive and healthy.  They will investigate their own values and identity (including their online identity) and develop skills to resolve friendship issues such as peer pressure and everyday arguments.

In the afternoons we are learning about Materials. Our topic is titled “What’s wrong with a table made of jelly?” to encourage the children to work out why certain materials are used for different purposes. We will find out whether materials are natural (like wood and wool) or man-made (like plastic and glass). Please can you spend some time talking about or finding out about where different materials come from, eg. leather is made from animal skin. We are also looking at how some materials are changed when heated or cooled, eg. bread into toast and water into ice cubes.

Here are some websites to find out more.

Our Music focus is about long and short sounds.  We will be identifying the length of sounds that we can hear in pieces of music as well as exploring different tuned and untuned percussion instruments.  We will be cleaning any equipment (instruments) we use and will quarantine items between lessons to keep ourselves safe.  We will also be completing the singing aspect of the topic outside where it is deemed to be safest and we can spread out easily.

In RE we have begun by writing prayers for Collective Worship that reflect this term’s Christian value of ‘Responsibility’.  As we cannot meet daily in the hall for Collective Worship, we are enjoying a combination of Zoom-style online assemblies with Mrs. Kilbey, as well as class-based sessions and weekly online worship led by Reverend Elaine.  Our topic is 'Creation'- who made the world?

Please remember we are here to answer any questions and address any worries you might have, so please give us a wave or get in touch via the main school email.

Mrs Dixon and Mrs Rhodes

Year 2 Timetable Autumn 2020 

Drop off time 8.45am

Break time 10.30-10.45am

Lunch 12.10-12.40pm

Lunchbreak 12.40-1.10pm

Afternoon break 1.45-2pm

Home time 2.55pm

P.E. will be on a Friday in Week 1 and a Monday in Week 2.

Please come to school in PE kit on those days.

(For Week 1 and Week 2 dates please click here.)

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