Year 2

Class Page for Year 2

Welcome to Year 2! Laughing

We hope you have had a lovely summer and are as excited as we are to start the new school year. We will be letting you know on this page what we have planned for our first term together. 

In the first few weeks we will be settling the children into life in Year 2 and carefully assessing exactly where each child in the class currently is, in terms of reading and maths. This will give us a better idea of how we can support the progress of each child going forward. 

Your child will be bringing home a folder with their current reading diary (started in Year 1) and two reading books. We ask that children aim to read every day for 10-15mins to an adult and that they are encouraged to talk about what they have read and to answer questions about characters and events. Please remember reading folders must be in every day as books are only changed on a Monday and reading diaries are checked throughout the week.  If your child finishes their reading books before the Monday change day, please select a book of their choice to read and record in their reading diary. Choosing their own reading book is an important part of the new curriculum where children are expected to read for pleasure. 

Homework will be set on MS Teams on a Friday and will be due in on the following Thursday. Homework will consist of an English or Maths activity each week which can be completed online and returned via the Hand In/Submit button. Alternatively, it can be printed out and completed as a paper copy and then a photo of it can be uploaded to MS Teams.   Please come and see us if this is something you would like more help with and we can show you how.

PE will be on a Monday (Week A) and a Thursday (Week B) and children may come into school in their PE kits on these days.

What we will be learning

English – we will be practising reading comprehension skills and learning the importance of understanding what we have read. 

Grammar is an important aspect of the Year 2 curriculum so we will be learning about common nouns (person, place or thing), verbs (action words) and adjectives (describing words). The children will need to know that a proper noun starts with a capital letter as it names a specific thing.

Click here for an explanation about proper nouns:

We will also be looking at synonyms to help expand the children’s vocabulary.

Ssssh! Secret website mission – Can you bring us a list of synonyms (words that mean the same, eg big, gigantic, vast) for the word “went"? Here are two to start your list…crawled, galloped. There’s a house point reward if you complete this secret mission!

Maths – we will be finding out about 2D shapes and their properties. Don’t forget to practise recognising shapes, spelling their names and even more importantly learning their properties (Square= 4 straight sides, 4 corners, and all the sides are equal length). You will soon have a colourful shape sheet to display in your house to help you learn these.

Here is a maths shape game to play: 

Shhhh!  Secret website mission - Can you do a shape hunt at home and photograph different polygons and quadrilaterals for a house point? Upload your pictures to MS Teams so all your classmates can see too.

Then we will be moving on to 3D shapes (e.g. sphere, triangular based prisms and cuboids) and handling data, including learning about tallies and pictograms.

Science – our first topic is all about Materials and is titled “What’s wrong with a table made of jelly?” We will be investigating the materials around us and discussing why they are suited to their purpose eg. Glass for a window!  We will be working like proper scientists as we observe and test different materials for those which can change shape eg. twist, stretch etc.  We will find out whether materials are natural (like wood and wool) or man-made (like plastic and glass).  Please can you spend some time talking about or finding out about where different materials come from, eg. leather is made from animal skin?

Ssssh! Secret website mission – Come and tell us where wood and wool come from for a housepoint reward.

Find out more about materials…     Which materials do we use?     Heating and cooling materials

PSHE – We will be revisiting the importance of having a Growth Mindset and discussing the ways we can develop strategies to help us view challenges and setbacks in a more positive way.

Here is a video for grown-ups to explain more…

We will also be looking at the Zones of Regulation that we use in school to describe how we are feeling and remembering all the strategies which we can use to get ourselves back to the calm 'GREEN' zone of being happy and ready to learn. We use these zones in all aspects of school life and find them particularly useful when faced with tricky situations in class or at breaktimes when disagreements can occur.  

Music – As the Covid restrictions are slowly easing, we are finally able to sing as a class!  We will be learning lots of new songs both in class and as a school in Collective Worship.  Our first topic is called “The long and short of it” and encourages us to listen to the length of notes and patterns in music. We will be listening to some classical pieces of music too and identifying the instruments we can hear as well as dancing along!

Have a listen below to the pieces: 

Art – The children will be investigating different mark marking in their sketch books and developing their observational skills. We will be linking to our History topic as the children create a piece of artwork to fit with our Castles work.

DT – As part of this topic, the children will be designing and making pull-along toys.  They will learn about chassis and wheel axles to ensure their finsished design fulfils the brief of being a moveable toy.

More information coming soon on the subjects that we will be covering next...

History – Castles

Geography -  Our World

The Year 2 team is looking forward to working with you and your child to make this a successful and happy year for every child.   

If you need to get a message to us, please email the school office at and they will pass it on. For anything urgent, please do catch one of us, before or after school, or call the school directly on 01926 426020 to arrange a time when we can meet.  Please also remember there is a Post option on MS Teams for you to leave messages and share any pictures with the class. Thank you to those of you who have already shared pictures of what you enjoyed doing over the summer holidays.  There is still time to add a picture if you havent done so yet!
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