Year 1

Class Page for Year 1

This term Year 1 will be covering new topics including the Science topic ‘What’s it made of?’, looking at everyday materials and their properties and the History topic ‘How are our toys different from those in the past?’. ‘How can teddy dance?’ looks at making moving pictures in Design Technology.

Year 1 have been learning about what it means to belong to a faith with reference to the Christian faith and also Islam. We have looked at how a person’s beliefs are carried out in their daily lives and what these beliefs mean to them personally. This term Year 1 will follow the R.E. theme of ‘What does a Christian believe God is like?’. We will find out about some parables in the Bible, reflecting on what they teach us about God.

The children have enjoyed the ‘Big Bounce’ at the end of each week when we celebrate achievements in reading.  The support received at home with practising and discussing their books is so important and an invaluable part of each child’s success. Thank you for supporting your child in this way.

The children continue to work on their spelling using phonemes [sounds] in the daily phonics session. The work on writing in sentences continues, developing an understanding of putting a full stop at the end of an idea. Practising sentences at home will help to reinforce this important skill.

In Maths the children are practising their knowledge and recall of number bonds in addition and subtraction, solving problems and developing their reasoning skills. The work this term includes using coins, measuring length and height and place value to 50 and beyond.

Below are some links to useful websites to support the current Year 1 topics:

Click here to go to a useful website for Maths.

Click here for a useful website for Year 1 English skills.

Try out your spelling skills here.

Our RE curriculum is here.

If you need to contact your child's teacher please email  These will be checked and replied to as soon as possible.


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