Year 1

Class Page for Year 1

Year 1 Timetable Autumn 2020 - what you need to know:

Drop off time 8.55am

Break time 10.15-10.30am

Lunch 12-12.30pm

Lunchbreak 12.30-1pm

Afternoon break 2-2.15pm

Home time 3.05pm

P.E. will be on a Monday in Week 1 and a Friday in Week 2.

Please come to school in PE kit on those days.

Welcome to the Autumn Term in Year One. 

In Year One these are some of the things that will happen:


You will have 2 reading books which will be changed weekly. Reading your own books of all kinds is always important, in addition to books from school. This system will start as soon as books are re-assembled since the break.


When Year One have settled into the new class, weekly spellings will be given to learn for a simple test in school.


This will be given each week on a Friday so that you have the week-end to complete the task. It will be due in every Wednesday. This will begin within the next few weeks.

National Curriculum

As you will be aware, the National Curriculum begins in Year One. The requirements for this year in English and Maths give clear targets that need to be achieved by the end of the year.


We will be working on handwriting skills and spelling so that each child starts to have and develop independent skills in their English work. Writing in a sentence is an important goal for your child, with understanding of starting with a capital letter and finishing with a full stop. If your child can already do this, please encourage him/her to use describing words and extend the vocabulary used within their sentences. 

In reading, each child is taught to sound out and blend to make words independently. It is important to discuss your child's books so that he/she understands what has been read and can discuss the pictures and story. Your child's knowledge of key word reading will be assessed so that the most suitable books can be given. 

Click here for a useful website about sounds and word-building.


This term Year One will cover the areas of Number and Place Value to 10 and later to 20, Addition and Subtraction and Shape. The first area to be covered , Number and Palce Value, looks at ordering numbers forwards and backwards, find more and less than, greater, fewer, more, less or equal to a number. 

Click here for a useful website about this topic.

This term Year One will be looking at a variety of topics. We will start by thinking about ourselves, writing and drawing about what we like to do and our favourite toys and hobbies. We will continue with 'Explorers' which is mainly a History topic and will include explorers who have been to the North Pole and the moon. We will be doing art work and making activities around this topic. We will look at exploration underwater, in the sky and in different localities such as a jungle or a desert.