Year 1

Class Page for Year 1



During this term Year 1 will be continuing to develop their writing skills including learning how to construct non-fiction reports, recounts, instructions and information booklets as well as stories based on traditional and fantasy texts.

  Spelling key words accurately and learning phonic blends are a priority. In handwriting the children will focus on the first steps of joining letters.  It is essential that all children read at least four times a week at home. This includes their own reading material in addition to books from school. Spellings will continue to be given and tested once a week.


Year 1 grammar this term includes:

  • using question and exclamation marks
  • using the conjunctions and, but, so, then & because in sentences


Throughout Year 1, the children learn all 44 phonemes in the English language and devlop the use of these in their spelling. In the spellings given each week, the children will focus on spelling patterns and every few weeks there will be time to go over and consolidate these before moving on. This is essential to ensure the children are using this knowledge in their independent work.


The following areas will be revised and covered in Maths and in practical situations:


  • Place value to 50 then 100 [tens and units]
  • Add and subtract to 20 and beyond
  • Count in steps of 2,5 and 10
  • Recognise half and a quarter of an object, shape or quantity
  • Doubles of numbers
  • Position and direction
  • Time to the hour and half hour
  • Money
  • Measuring length, weight and capacity
  • Multiply and divide
  • Recall of related addition and subtraction facts


The main Science topic will be looking at animal classification. The children will find out about animal adaptations to their habitats in different regions of the world. This topic has many opportunities for writing information texts, developing vocabulary including adjectives for descriptions and imaginative artwork.  The trip to Twycross Zoo will enable the children to classify animals according to the main groups, to observe their characteristics and their adaptations to their habitats.


  In Geography, Year 1 will continue to develop map work skills in the local area and locate places on UK and World maps.  This will lead on to finding out about the history of exploration to the South Pole. The children will also be using fabric and basic stitches in simple collage work.


In PSHE, Year 1 are learning about and working on building up resilience. We look at the staircase of steps that help to reinforce the ideas of  perseverance and problem-solving in situations at home and school. The children continue to develop their understanding of the 'zones of regulation' which are pictured below.  We discuss ways to help ourselves be in the 'green zone'when we have feelings represented in the other zones and strategies to help ourselves. Please see below to find pictures of these.


  We look forward to an interesting term. Should you need to discuss anything, please send an email to the office or by arranging a convenient time with myself.

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Subtraction to 10

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Little bird spelling of common exception words

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