Class Page for Reception

Welcome to Reception

What a fantastic start to school we have all had already. It has been so lovely to finally meet the children and put faces to their names. We had a fun filled ‘Teddy Bear Picnic’ week, getting to know each other and exploring the learning environment. The children wowed me with their smiles as they came in to school for the first time. We hope that, like us, your child is looking forward to a fun and exciting time in Reception. 

Reception Timetable Autumn 2020 - what you need to know:

Drop off time 9.05am

Break time 10.15-10.30am

Lunch 12-12.30pm

Lunchbreak 12.30-1.15pm

Home time 3.15pm

Please click on the picture link below for a 'welcome to school' message. If you click on the book cover, you can hear me read a story.

This half term our learning will be based around the theme of ‘Magical Me’. We will explore what makes us unique, as well as how we grow and our 5 senses.

We will start to learn about graphemes (what the letter looks like) and phonemes (what the letter sounds like) in the coming weeks. When we do so, there will be a note in your child’s reading record to let you know the graphemes we are currently focusing on. To reinforce these at home you could look out for the graphemes in words, play I-spy, or hunt for things that start with the different phonemes.

Reading books will be making their way home to you over the next couple of weeks. The first set of books are wordless as they are aimed at encouraging the children to use their imagination and to become storytellers. Encourage them to look at the pictures and make up their own story, discuss who they think the characters are and what they are doing etc. Your child will be given a new reading book each week from either one of these schemes, usually on a Monday.

In maths this half-term we will be spending lots of time counting, including counting out objects from a larger group and selecting the correct numeral to represent the number of objects in a set.

Below you will find some photos of the classroom environment throughout the past year to give you a sneaky peek of how our room changes. Keep a look out, new photos of our room will be added very soon.   



Our orchard will soon be ready to harvest and we will get the chance to pick and eat some of the apples and plums grown there and to pull up some carrots growing in the vegetable garden. Mr Hanson has been growing us a ‘big surprise’ ready to be pulled up next this space.....