Class Page for Reception

 Welcome to the Summer term in Reception...

We are really excited that Onside Sports coaches are going to be working with us on alternate Thursday mornings for PE and 'Forest Schools'. Forest School is an opportunity for the children to explore the natural world and complete different challenges. Forest Schools happens in our school grounds and takes place at the far end of the school field and in the spinney. On our Forest School days we ask that the children wear long sleeve tops and jogging bottoms or long leggings. If they have wellies, please send them in a bag these days.

PE and Forest School  – 28th April, 12th May, 26th May, 16th June, 30th June and 14th July.

Children will need to come to school in their PE kit every Thursday.


We begin this half term with the story of ‘Supertato’. He's the supermarket superhero with eyes everywhere - but now there's a pea on the loose. A very, very naughty pea. Has Supertato finally met his match? Can he solve these despicable crimes and save the vegetables from a terrible fate? We will be making our own Supertato and using it as an inspiration for our own adventure stories. As part of our learning we will think about our own ‘superpowers’ linked to our Christian values and what we need to do to keep fit and healthy.

 ***All Creatures Great and Small***

For the remainder of the half term we will have the theme, ‘All Creatures Great and Small’, starting with our trip to ‘Twycross Zoo’ and focussing on animals that live in the wild in other counties. We will then move on to learning about the creatures we can find in our gardens. We will make observations of animals and describe and compare their different features, sort living things into different groups and identify what they need to survive.

If you have any interesting artefacts, resources or stories that will support our topic, please do let us know. If you are a keen gardener or budding builder or super storyteller, you might like to share your skills with the children.

Reading and Phonics

This half term, as readers we will be describing the main events in simple stories and using narrative to retell a story. We will develop our phonics knowledge so that we are reading words containing all the digraphs and trigraphs we know.

In phonics we will continue to learn about digraphs, these are two letters that make one sound. We will also learn some trigrahps, these are where three letters make one sound. We hope your child enjoys sharing their digraph knowledge with you. Look out for a message via Marvellous Me each week so that you can support at home with our new phonic learning. See the links below to access some phonic games you can play at home.  

Phase 3 games focus on our new digraph and trigraph learning...

Reading books will continue to be changed on Mondays. Remember to keep a record in your child’s reading record when they read with you. Regular reading at home and practising keywords is very important. The expectation is that child will read 3 or more times a week at home and this will be recorded each time in their reading record. You could comment on how much support you have given your child and whether they used the pictures, their phonics knowledge or were able to read the keywords, or you may prefer at times to just date and sign the record.

The Reading Record will provide a means of communication for your child both at home and school. Don’t forget to let us know if you feel your child is ready for a new set of keywords. The more words they have instant recognition of, the easier reading a sentence will become.

The reading guide sent home in the Autumn term is full of ideas of games you may like to play to reinforce our phonics and keyword learning. There are also strategies to help you support with reading at home. Please do ask if you need any further help with this or would like another copy of the guide. 


This half term, as writers we will be learning to describe the plot and characters in our writing. We will be starting to write stories with a beginning, a middle and an end. 

When writing, children are encouraged to listen for the sounds in words and to write the ones that they can hear. In class, the children are all at different points in their learning to write journey. Some are putting words together to write sentences, others writing captions and some listening out to the first sound in words and writing it independently. It’s worth remembering that words don’t have to be spelt correctly, the expectation at this stage is that words are phonetically plausible, so they may write slide as 'slId' or make as 'maic'. This doesn’t need correcting, what is important is praising the marks they make in order to build up writing confidence.


In maths this half term we will building numbers beyond 10 and identifying numbers to 20 (and beyond). Using a range of resources we will find ways to show and make numbers. Ten Frames, Numicon, towers of cubes and bead strings all help us to see that larger numbers are composed of full tens and part of the next ten. We will continue with work on taking away one number from another using practical resources and writing the matching number sentence. Finally this half term we will be solving mathematical problems involving doubling, halving and sharing. Maths Monkey will be keeping us busy with lots of different maths challenges.

Getting in touch                                                                   

If you need to contact us, please email the school office and they will pass on any messages at  If it is an urgent matter, please contact us by phoning the main school office on 01926 426020.

  ‘Three Pigs Building Site’ in our outdoor classroom.

Up, up and away...

Reception embarked on an exciting adventure. After packing our essential items into a suitcase we had an amazing trip to China!

We collected our tickets and passports and headed to the airport where we checked in for our flight. Once passing through passport and security checks we waited patiently for the call to board the plane. When the departure was announced we found our seats, making sure it matched the number on the ticket and fastened our seatbelts. After watching a safety announcement the plane took off, hearing the engine roar on take off was very exciting. In the air we enjoyed an in-flight snack of a drink and a biscuit before setting down to watch ‘Go-Jetters’. After landing safely in China, we collected our luggage and headed off for a spot of sight-seeing and a karate lesson. 

Collecting our tickets...


Weighing our luggage...


Passport control...


Boarding the plane...


Taking off...


Enjoying a snack...


Collecting our baggage...                Our hotel restaurant...


Learning some karate moves...       Sight-seeing...


We were all back in time to go home for a good nights sleep with a fortune cookie as a souvenir.