What our pupils say about BT

Pupil Comments

"I love doing Computing at school because you can find out how to use a turtle, make a website and program devices." [Y5 pupil]

"Every time we do ICT we learn new stuff. I really like it and I get it." [Y5 pupil]

"At first I thought Computing was going to be really hard but it turned out I could actually do it. I made a website about Saxons!" [Y5 pupil]

"I just love Literacy especially writing because our teacher gives us advice and we include it so our work gets better." [Y5 pupil]

Our 'Value Beads' reinforce our Christian values in everyday life around the school. This is what our pupils say about behaviour at BT school:

"We don't tolerate racism because it could make people so unhappy and last a lifetime" (Year 5 pupil)

"You never bully anyone because they'll go home feeling sad so don't do it!" (Year 4 pupil)

"You earn your own pride by doing your best." (Year 6 pupil)