Pupil Premium Information

The Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) is allocated by the Government to address current inequalities by ensuring that pupils who are disadvantaged receive appropriate support to achieve in school. PPG is allocated to support the learning of pupils who are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) or who are looked after or post looked after children (LAC & post LAC). Our report for spending the PPG in 2018-2019 is now being compiled.

The report at the base of this page gives  details of the PPG spending 2018-'19 

In 2018-19 the PPG was precisely targeted on:

  •  Specialised programmes of support and intervention to achieve rapid catch-up in phonics 
  • Provision of short pre-teaching sessions to increase the rate of progress of pupils eligible for the PPG .
  • Teaching assistant support for rapid reintegration of pupils into the lessons to ensure they effectively apply the specific skills taught over a short period with increased  independence.
  • Continuing to support vulnerable pupils and groups of pupils through extra Teaching Assistant hours focused on specific intervention programs.
  • Weekly sessions with a qualified children's counsellor to address issues in some pupils' lives which can preoccupy these pupils and prevent a readiness to learn.
  • Provision of lunchtime Nurture in an appropriate and secure setting to establish expectations for social behaviours conducive to learning.
  • Measures to eliminate lateness and establish a learning mindset
  • Measures to overcome gaps in self esteem.

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