The weekly newsletter is our main way to share our 'stars of the week' while we can't invite parents into school. The newsletter usually finds its way here just before the end of school each Friday so you can sometimes read it before you collect the children! We'll send you a text too with a link so you can read it straight away. Each week there's so much news about the children's exciting curriculum and their achievements.

Just occasionally there's a moan or a plea about lost property but to avoid this and to help us return any articles of lost clothing to the owners, please visit (enter code 2063 for the PTA to earn commission) and buy the self adhesive named labels. The school can sometimes squeeze in a mention for a lost item in the weekly newsletter but naming every item is the best way to ensure lost property finds its way back to you. We'd rather fill the newsletter with news of all the fabulous things the children are learning! Thanks!