List of Governors

(You can read how our Governors ensure the school meets its plan to be the best it can be in the reports at the bottom of this page.) To contact the Chair of Governors please phone the school (01926 426020) 

Jane Everett (Chair of Governors)

Jenny Steckles (Clerk to the Governing Body)

Rev Elaine Scrivens [Safeguarding Governor]

Chris Harper [Chair of Resources Cttee, H&S Governor]

Andy Brettell (Head Teacher)

Claire Pepin (Deputy Head Teacher)  [Chair of P&S cttee]

Helen Power (Staff Governor)

Nicola Burke (Parent Governor) [Attendance & Safeguarding Governor]

Emma Rees (Parent Governor) [Online Safety Governor]

Dan White

Sharron Logan (Parent Governor)

Governors who have left in the last 12 months:

Emma Rees (Parent Governor) resigned July 2019


See further information about the Governors' recent reports below.

Details about individual Governors and any pecuniary interests  is published below (Summary of Governors / Governors Information & Duties document) to comply with recent legislation. The Governing Body was duly re-constituted in line with amendments to DFE legislation (May 2014).

Summary of Governors & reports from governor visits on school improvement: