How to contact OOSC

OOSC Contact Details

Tel: 07572 891118


Our Before and After School Care and Holiday Clubs (OOSC) are overseen and managed by Mrs E Canning (the owner of Go Go Makers- registered with Ofsted). 

Leaders at the Club:

Mrs. C. Watson (After School Club Manager).

Mrs. G. Robiquet (Morning  Manager). 

Staff Team:

Mrs. C. Watson, Mrs. G. Robiquet, Ms. K. Blackburn, Mrs. R. Adams and Mrs. S. Irfan.

(The Designated Safeguarding Leaders are Mrs. Watson and Mrs. Robiquet). 

Mrs. E Canning, (the owner of Go Go Makers) is also often on site here, working with the children and is also available to meet with parents.  Do come and say 'hello' . We look forward to meeting you.

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