Welcome to Year 4!

Update 15th November 2020: Please click here to see some of our mosaic pictures in the Year 4 Gallery.

24th November 2020: The picture below is a link to a Healthy Eating online quiz (you'll need this for your Computing homework).

Hello and welcome to Year 4!

On this page you can read news about our class and find out what we are learning. You will also find links to other websites recommended by your teachers. (Some of the links will only become active after we have covered a particular topic in school.) 

Year 4 Timetable Autumn 2020 - what you need to know:

Drop off time 9.05am

Break time 10.45-11am

Lunchbreak 12-12.30pm

Lunch 12-30-1pm

Home time 3.15pm

P.E. will be on a Wednesday in Week 1 and a Monday in Week 2.

Please come to school in PE kit on those days.

(For Week 1 and Week 2 dates please click here.)

We hope you have all enjoyed being back at school and are finding that the 'Covid changes' haven't changed the way school feels too much!

It's certainly been a busy start to the term and we have spent a lot of time already reflecting on our lockdown experiences. We are using our 'Zones of Regulation' daily as a way to check in with our feelings. This gives us all an opportunity to think how we are feeling and what we need to do to get back in the green zone where we feel safe and ready to learn.

In English we are reading and exploring the wonderful book, 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers. The text allows us to talk about our lockdown experiences and helps us to come together to reflect and makes sense of the changed world we find ourselves living in. So far we have written a poem to our favourite place and a letter to someone who is very special to us (there are a LOT of loved pets, parents, grandparents and siblings out there!)

We will continue to look at this book for the next few weeks and have some more exciting lessons planned, including writing our own song lyrics, creating a poster and a leaflet, to name a few.

In Maths we are focussing on Number and Place Value, recapping some familiar objectives from Y3 to help us build confidence alongside the introduction of the Y4 objectives to ensure we are ready for Year 5 and beyond!

We will cover: different representations of number, numbers to 10,000, comparing and ordering numbers, rounding numbers, estimation, negative numbers and Roman numerals. 

Our target this half term is to learn number pairs to 100 and we will be learning these daily over the coming weeks. Recalling facts such as these really help free up our working memory so we are able to deal more successfully with problem solving, reasoning and multi-step questions. Finding change from £1 is a great real-life context for this skill!

As always, please, please, please log in to TTRockstars to keep your multiplication knowledge sharp. I'll be keeping an eye out for superstars who become more accurate and speedier as the weeks progress (your log in is the same as last year). The Government's Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) will be taken by all Year 4 children in June and tests tables up to 12x12. Knowing times table facts instantly really helps in so many areas of Maths -  in fact when I was teaching the Year 6 bubble in June/July nearly every lesson required speedy recall of those facts (it's a good job they remembered them from their time in Year 4 Laughing)

Our PSHE topic this half term is Healthy and Happy Friendships. The children will complete 6 x 1 hour lessons this half term on this topic and some of the issues we will be discussing are: characteristics and qualities of healthy friendships, personal space, resilience and solving friendship difficulties.

During these sessions (and indeed at any other time in school) the children know that they need to respect what other people have to say, and that everyone is different.  The children are aware that all questions are valued and that we will give an honest response (even if we have to do this at a different time) and that they must speak to a trusted adult if they need any support with the issues raised. No-one is ever made to contribute and they know that they must keep personal information about each other safe. The children also know that trusted adults can speak to the Designated Safeguarding Lead at school if something that is discussed raises concerns. This is to keep EVERYBODY safe.  

In Science we shall be learning about what happens to our food, in a topic covering food and nutrition, teeth, the human digestive system and food chains.

The links below will take you to useful websites...

about food and nutrition: 


about the human digestive system:


about animal diets and teeth:


and about food chains:


In History, we start the year with a topic about the Romans in Britain. We shall be finding out when and why the Romans invaded Britain, and how they were received by the people already living here. We shall go on to find out how people's everyday lives in Britain changed under Roman rule. Below are some links to websites that you may find useful (click on the pictures to access them):


 Living in Roman Britain

 How did the Romans change Britain?   

Animated story of Boudicca's Revolt:

Roman Army:


Websites about Hadrian's Wall:


Roman Mosaics:

 Click here to view a gallery of Roman mosaics.

 Click here to make your own mosaic online.

Roman Baths:


Roman Recipe:

Where the names of our months come from: 

Using Roman Numerals:

 Handy Roman numerals converter

 Test your Roman numerals skills