The Tachbrook School Foundation


 To hold the school land as a local asset derived from the original bequests for setting up a school in the village. To provide minor support funding to the school and to liaise with local or national bodies and officials on matters concerning the school that fall outside the remit of the Governors and the Parent Teachers Association.


There has probably been a school in Bishop's Tachbrook since before 1771, the date of the original Foundation Deed, but money was raised and land given, in 1765, for a school to be built on what is known as the old school site in Oakley Wood Road.

The land and some money were given by Hon. Bagot of Sutton Coldfield and it is his crest that is still used today as the school's emblem. As well as the land on which the original school room was built, he also gave land in Water Orton, the income from which was to be used to defray the expenses of running the school.

Other donations were received from the then Vicar, local farmers, the Earl of Warwick and other people with an interest in the village. A list of the donations can be seen on a board hanging in the ringing chamber of St.Chad's Church.

Following the formal foundation of the school and the appointment of Trustees, as laid out in the Foundation Deed, the pupils were to be taught reading, writing, casting of accounts and to be made 'useful members of society'. The Trust was set up as a charity.

Originally there were nine Trustees appointed, the Vicar being ex-officio, to oversee the administration of the school, and they were to meet at least twice a year, one date being fixed as the Tuesday in Easter week. The role of the Trustees has been greatly reduced by subsequent Education Acts but the Trustees still have to meet at least twice a year.

The Trustees were also responsible for the maintenance of the school as well as the hiring of a Headmaster and any additional staff thought necessary.

In 1863, following various Education Acts to improve the teaching of children, a new school and schoolmaster's house were constructed and it is these buildings, with some additions and alterations, that survive today down near the church.

The 1902 and 1944 Education Acts further reduced the Trustees' direct involvement in the day-to-day running of the school and when, in 1962, the Local Education Authority (LEA) built a new school in Kingsley Road, the Trustees found themselves in charge of the old school site.

During the 1980’s the old school buildings were becoming more and more difficult to maintain due to the ever rising costs involved and the limited financial resources of the Trust.

Various schemes were discussed and investigated by the Trustees but the main stumbling blocks were the reversion of the monies raised from the sale of the property to the LEA, and the refusal of the Charity Commissioners to sanction the sale.


After many years of protracted discussions with the Charity Commissioners a new Trust Scheme was enacted, in November 2006, which would allow the Trust to sell the old school site. At the same time, to confirm the Trust's link with the church, the new scheme also set out that the Trustees should be appointed as follows, one ex-officio (the Vicar), two nominated by the Parochial Church Council, and two co-opted Trustees.

Following the implementation of the new scheme, further discussions, involving the Local Authorities and Councillors, took place and the old school site was sold in April 2008. The money from this sale was directed towards the funding of the new classroom facilities, which were built in 2011.


The Trust has a limited annual income, mainly from shares held by the charity commissioners, so as noted at the start, the Trust’s role will be to provide minor support funding and, due to its charitable status, be a channel to link to outside bodies that can provide charitable funding for the school.

The Trustees are:


Joan Alderman             Co-opted

Rev. Elaine Scrivens      Ex-officio        Chair

Ian Stevens                  Co-opted          Hon.Sec. & Treasurer

Fiona Meades            Co-opted

(vacancy)                nominated by PCC