Virtual Sports Day 2020

Virtual Sports Day 2020

UPDATE 02.07.20: You only have until tomorrow evening (Friday 3rd July by 8pm) to get your Virtual Sports Day results in. Do you want your Team to win the first ever Virtual Sports Day? Complete the events and get your results in quick!

UPDATE 01.07.20: Scores this evening are: Blue 70, Red 70, Yellow 45 and Green 0. Please don't forget to put 'Beat the teacher' in the box as well as your score if you are entering this.

We couldn't let the year pass without some kind of Sports Day here at Bishop's Tachbrook. This year it will, for obvious reasons, be virtual.

There are 10 activities for you to complete at home or at school from 29th June - 3rd July 2020. You can complete as many or as few as you like. Each activity you complete will gain 5 points for your house colour.

There is, as always, a parent/carer event too. This year it's a little different from the usual obstacle race or sprint but I hope lots of you compete and have fun doing it. You might even get a certificate!

There is a 'Beat the Teacher' challenge this year. All the events have been completed by different members of staff. You can see their videos by clicking on the pictures below. If you manage to 'Beat the Teacher' then a certificate will be winging its way to you.

To take part it's simple. All you need to do is read the instructions for each event that you are choosing to do and then complete it making sure you note down your score: time/distance/amount. Once you have completed all the events you have chosen, fill in this form so we can total up all the scores and write certificates.

I hope you have lots of fun doing it and good luck.

Speed bounce:


How many bounces in a minute?

Find something to bounce over and bounce from side to side.

Teabag challenge: 

How many tries until you get the teabag in the cup?

Place a cup on the ground. Mark out a point 2m away from the cup. Place a teabag on your toes and flick it into the cup. How many tries does it take you to get it into the cup?

Wall catch:


How many catches in a minute?

Stand 2m away from the wall. How many times can you throw and catch the ball in a minute?

Distance throw:

From how far away can you score a goal?

Find a ball or rolled-up socks or screwed-up paper. Then find a goal: a bin, a washing basket, a cup, a box.

How far away from the ‘goal’ can you be and get the ‘ball’ in the goal?

Bottle flip:

How many tries until you get the bottle to flip and stand on the table?

Find a bottle and fill it about a third full with water. Then get ready to flip. You have to flip the bottle and get it to stand on the table the right way up. How many tries does it take for you to get it to stand on the table the right way up?

Standing long jump:

How far can you jump?

Long jump with no run up. You stand still and then see how far you can propel yourself from that spot.

Mark the spot you take off from and measure to where you land. Be careful not to wobble backwards as the body part nearest the take off point counts as where you jumped to.

'Egg' and spoon:

How fast can you run 20m?

Find an ‘egg’ and a spoon.Then measure out a 5m ‘track.’ Set the timer and go up and down this track twice, holding the ‘egg’ in the spoon, to complete 20m. How long did this take you?

If the ‘egg’ comes off you cannot travel and you may only start again from the position you were in when the ‘egg’ fell off. 

Racquet bounce:

How many times can you bounce the ball in a minute?

Find a ‘tennis racquet’ and a ‘ball’ and see how many bounces you can complete in a minute.

Partner plank:

How many high 5s in a minute?

Hold yourself in a high plank form. Then see how many high 5s you can perform with your chosen partner.

Blindfold balance:

How long can you stand on one foot while blindfolded?

You might be surprised at how hard this one is. Find a safe place to do this in in case you topple over. Then put your blindfold on and lift your leg up. How long do you last?

Hanging out the washing - parent/carer challenge:

How many items of clothing can you peg on a washing line in a minute?

If you’ve been to one of our Sports Days before you know how much we like the adults taking part too. This event is just for the adults as a bit of fun. Make sure you have a big basket of washing and lots of pegs ready. How many items did you peg on the line in a minute?