Help your child with Numeracy

Why don't you try these websites with your child?

Each website has games and activities to help your child learn their times tables.

Instant recall means they can quickly recall facts in any order!

If you search the websites, there are a variety of other activities which will help develop other mental maths skills too!

At the bottom of the page are 4 documents which contain the school calculation policies. These show progression from Reception to Year 6 in addition, subtraction, mulitplication and division. The way we teach maths in school may be different to the way you were taught so please take time to check out the methods we use.

There is a letter (which has also been sent home) giving tips on how you can help your child learn their tables without using a computer!

  Moon Maths times table games.

  Buzzy Bee's times table challenge.

   Lots more times tables practice.

   Try the times tables quiz.

   Multiplication Madness!