Art for home learning

Art for home learning

Hello, lovely Bishop’s Tachbrook Primary School people,

Mrs. White and I are very much missing teaching you Art.

Several of you have asked for some inspiration so that you can carry on being wonderfully creative at home.

So I have created a big Art project on Henri Matisse where you can draw with scissors to create an abstract picture or become a fashion designer or construct a hat or become a wild beast as you paint like a Fauvist!

Meanwhile, clever Mrs. White has not only uploaded it all for me but made you a brilliant programme where you can create Matisse work in I.T. Lots of children have already tried her fabulous program and you can see the results on the 'Artwork from home' page.

Have lots of fun creating and please send us your inspiring artwork to our emails.

I have found a bunch of fun art websites for you to try below.

From Mrs. D and Mrs. W



Junk creations ideas from cbeebies

Make and colour ideas from cbeebies

Tate Gallery – Let’s Get Creative for kids

Variety of different art activities

DRAWING Step by step instructions on line drawing

Sarah McIntyre draws simpler cartoons for children to follow

Rob Jensen demonstrates while his son follows as they creating more complex pictures shading using felt tips, crayons and oil pastels,

Rob Biddulph children’s illustrator demonstrates drawing characters

VIRTUAL TOURS of Museums around the world

CLOSE-UPS ON ARTWORKS, paintings, textiles…


Submit ideas for the online challenge “If you were an engineer, what would you do?” You can download videos directly from engineers, interview engineers from NASA, Facebook, Ford and more about their careers before coming up with engineering solutions to everyday problems.

Parents, here are some ideas about doing art with children.

  • Be specific, ‘What gave you the idea to use orange on this bit?’
  • Ask about the process ‘It looks like you had fun making this. Can you explain what you have done?’
  • Be clear at the beginning what they are aiming for and just discuss that rather than giving direction on further improvements.
  • Prepare for things to get a bit messy. Maybe work in the garage if you have one or on nice days get creative outside!
  • Be encouraging: ‘I like the curving shape you have used there.’

MUSIC-The Tune Zoo is a music toy for iPad that encourages kids to explore the fundamentals of music. It was designed with input from music teachers

The name Rainbow art was inspired by a story Isobel in Year 2 sent me. – “Me and my friend Isabelle think that our teacher Mrs Dixon is the official superhero of our city because whenever the crime alert goes off she always has to go somewhere. We think her name is Rainbow Art because there is always a rainbow on the wall at every crime alert.”