Year 4

Class Page for Year 4 Summer 2017

Welcome to Year 4!

On this page you can read news about Year 4 and find out what we are learning this term. You will also find links to other websites that will help you with your topic homework.

Our new Science topic is called What am I?, and covers the classification of living things into scientific groups. 

The links below will take you to useful websites. 

 Find out how living things are classified.

 Read about classification on this site from the BBC.

 Can you sort the living things into the correct groups?

 Answer the questions to sort the Deadly 60 creatures.


Use these links to research animals from the vertebrate group:

Amphibians -  

Birds - 

Fish - 

Mammals - 

Reptiles - 

How well do you know your vertebrates? Try the quizzes below:

Can you identify features of different vertebrate classes?


Use these links to research some of the invertebrate groups: 

Annelids - 

Arachnids - 

Insects -  Try the insects quiz here:

Molluscs - 

Myriapods - 

Answer the questions to identify some common invertebrates.

 Use this simple classification key to sort some invertebrates.

 Use this branching database to help solve a mystery!

We shall be using Textease Branch to make our own classification keys as part of this term's Computing work.

Our History topic this term is all about the Second World War.

Below are links to websites that will help you with your topic homework.

There's lots of interesting information and activities on these sites:


These sites will tell you some of the countries that fought against each other in WW2: 


Read about the leaders of the Allied and the Axis countries here:


These sites will tell you about Britain's Prime Minister, Winston Churchill:


Click here to take the 'Rationing Challenge' on the BBC website:

Click here to play the 'Time Capsules' game. 

Click on the pictures below for information about Anne Frank.

Click here to find out about the 8 people in hiding.

 Click here to explore the rooms in which Anne and her family hid.