Year 6

Class Page for Year 6

What a busy term we have to look forward to!

In English, we are focusing on reading - improving our inference and deduction skills and looking at word meanings.  Our written work will be based on the book 'Holes' by Louis Sacher (please avoid reading this before or, if you have already read it, don’t give away the story line or any facts you might have found).  We will continue to look at various sentence structures and the use of powerful vocabulary and sophisticated punctuation to help us to write different genres of text.

After SATs, our Maths work takes on a more investigative format, where problems and puzzles will be solved using all of the mathematical concepts learnt over the year.  This will include group work, as well as paired and independent activities. 

In History, we are finding out how education has changed throughout the decades.  We will focus on Victorian education and how this may have had an impact on schools today.  During this topic we will be visiting St John's Museum in Warwick, where we will be able to handle artefacts and find out what it was like in a Victorian school room (be prepared . . . Victorian teachers were very strict!). 

 See what you can find out about children in Victorian Britain.

Next, we will continue our topic in Food Technology, where we will use different types of seasonal vegetables we have grown in recipes for quiches, to be served with a healthy salad.  We will prepare the vegetables ourselves, following kitchen safety and hygiene guidelines before serving our quiche to an adult (for them to evaluate after they have tasted it).

Find out which vegetables are in season and some fun growing activities to try at home (click on the pictures below) :

After half term, we will begin our topic on classification in Science.  More information and web links will follow soon.

We are looking forward to our final chapter at Bishop’s Tachbrook School as we embark on an enjoyable and successful summer term in Year 6.