Year 5

Class Page for Year 5

Welcome to the year 5 page!

Here you can find out about current topics the children will be exploring this half term and useful websites which can be used to support the homework activities set.

This half term we are going to be exploring many new and exciting topics! In History we will be learning all about what life was like for the Anglo Saxons. We will be learning all about their homes and villages by using maps to locate Anglo Saxon settlements. We will even design and build our own Anglo-Saxon house using our art and design technology skills! As historians, we will be asking questions and using historical sources and artefacts to find out about their religious beliefs as well as exploring the objects/ artefacts linked to the mystery of the Sutton Hoo.

Useful websites for you to use for home work/ research:


This half term's English unit is ‘older literature’. The children are exploring a text from the Victorian era focusing on ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens. Useful website:


Within our Mathematis work this half term our focus with Mrs French will be place value, addition and subtraction and also revising our times tables. Mrs Russell will be focusing on shape, space and measure. Maths of the Day is a new fun way for us to quickly revise our maths skills each morning.


In Science the children will be exploring the topic ‘Earth and beyond’. They will be learning about planet Earth and will be comparing our planet to the others within our solar system. Within this exciting unit the children will be learning about the life cycle of stars and the phases of the moon as well as exploring how astronauts today investigate our world and beyond. To ensure this topic is memorable for the children they will have the opportunity to visit the National Space centre as well as attending our very own space themed evening here in school. Details for this event will be given shortly.

Religious eductation:

During this half term in Religious Education the children will be exploring ‘new beginnings’ and will learn about Pentecost and how the Christian church first began. They will also explore Sikh stories and discuss different religious practices.

We have so much to look forward to this term! We have already been so impressed with the drive and enthusiasm year 5 have shown towards topics this year.

If you need to contact the Year 5 class teachers, please use the email addresses below (although if it is an urgent matter, please contact via the main school office) : (Mrs French) (Mrs Russell)


WW1 Centenary Homework Task

Revd. Elaine has asked for some work linked to WW1 for a display she is creating. Your homework, to be handed in by Friday 19th October, is to create a piece of writing - e.g. a poem, story, newspaper report, factfile, diary entry - or a piece of artwork - e.g. painting, collage, model (something you would be proud to have on display!) - linked to WW1. This could focus on the war itself, life as a soldier/nurse on the front line, or as someone on the homefront (women/children), the Armistice/Remembrance Day, specific battles, or the Christams Truce, to suggest a few ideas. Please find a link to some simple information as a starting point below.