Year 5

Class Page for Year 5


Year 5 have made some websites of their own.

This half term we will be exploring lots of new and exciting topics! In Geography we will be learning all about rivers around the world. We will be thinking about where the major rivers are found in the world, how they are formed and how these are used for trade and for building industries. We will particularly be focusing on the Amazon River and the River Nile and we will be exploring how far these rivers stretch as well as locating their key features such as the source and mouth. The children will be investigating the climate of the areas which surround these rivers as well as investigating animal and plant life which live in or near to these rivers.

Useful websites to help with your child’s river project can be found here:

This half term’s English unit is based on novels and stories by significant children’s authors and we will be exploring the text ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ by Michelle Magorian.  Throughout this unit the children will be exploring the setting and characters within the historical context and comparing this to different story settings as well as comparing the usefulness of techniques such as visualisation, prediction and empathy in exploring the meaning of texts.

Useful websites:

In Science, the children will be exploring the topic ‘Earth and Beyond’. They will be learning about planet earth and will be comparing our planet to the others within our solar system. Within this exciting unit the children will be learning about the life cycle of stars, the phases of the moon as well as exploring how astronauts investigate our world and beyond today. To ensure this topic is memorable for the children they will have the opportunity to visit the National Space Centre as well as having a space-themed evening in school where the children will watch a show in the indoor planetarium, enjoy hot choclate around a camp fire and star gaze with some experts from Warwick Unitversity.

We look forward to a busy and exciting term ahead!