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Happy Spring Term! Smile

We had a great Autumn Term learning lots of new things: writing instructions for our snowmen decorations, designing and making bottle vehicles and not forgetting our fantastic nativity show!  We are very proud of Year 2 and look forward to a very busy Spring Term.  Look at the pictures below of the children learning whilst having fun.

English -The class is enjoying reading the traditional story of 'The Frog Prince' and we will be writing our own versions to include descriptions about characters and settings as well as speech marks. Have a go at putting in the correct punctuation with this game:

(Choose “Really hard” level to practise speech marks.)

Our next topic in English will be writing explanations.  We will be looking at animal life cycles and the changes they go through in their lives, such as snakes shedding their skins to grow larger.

We will also be looking at non-fiction books with the class. The features the children should be able to identify include: glossary, index, contents, labelled diagrams, captions, blurb and the use of illustrations and photographs.  We will be using databases in ICT to investigate animals to help us write an encyclopaedia entry. The texts the children will be using are encyclopaedias and dictionaries.  It would be great if you could have a look at any of these kinds of books at home and see if your child can point out the different features.  Knowing the alphabetic order is an essential tool in using these kinds of information books.  Test your child on the task below to see if this is something they need to practise.

Shhhh secret mission -

Put these words in alphabetical order –








There will be a house point reward if you complete this challenge.

We have also been focusing on the New Curriculum emphasis on grammar and punctuation.  Can you spot the adjectives, nouns, proper nouns, verbs and adverbs in these sentences?

Henry stroked the tiny puppy softly.

We have colour coded the answers for you.

Proper Noun Verb Adjective  Noun  Adverb 

Shhhh secret mission -

Copy out the sentence below and identify where the proper nouns, nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs are.

Neil Armstrong bravely flew in a huge, powerful rocket and walked on the dusty moon.

There will be a house point reward if you complete this task.

Maths - The emphasis for the number side of Maths this term is multiplication and division, which means lots of practice on times tables!  Test how you are doing by playing some of these games:

Measuring things is great fun in Maths. We will be looking at capacity by measuring the amount of millilitres and litres in different containers. A sunny day outside or in the bath is the perfect time to practise capacity with a litre jug and a variety of plastic containers.

We will also investigate mass by weighing everyday objects found in the home and reading the labels on food packets to compare weights. Estimating the mass of groceries and checking on kitchen scales is a fun way to learn at home and gain a real understanding of mass.

Shhhhh secret mission –

Take a photo of you measuring at home. Maybe weighing ingredients whilst baking or investigating capacity in your swimsuit in the bath or measuring the length and height of things around your home?

There will be a house point reward if you complete this task.


A game about length and weight.  (Choose "Really hard" level for Year 2 objectives)


Read the length of the red line in centimetres.


Drag the parcel onto the scales, then read scales, (counting in 10s and 100s), finally enter the value shown to deliver your letter or parcel.


Click on a container to tip it into the measuring jug, then read the scale.


Our topic in History this term is “Exploring New Worlds”, about exploration in the past.  We will be looking at the lives of Robert Falcon Scott and Neil Armstrong and discussing the significance of where and when they explored.

Shhhh secret mission –

Can you find out 10 facts about one of our explorers? 

There will be a house point reward if you complete this task.

In R.E. our topic is Growing and Changing, which focuses on the Easter Story.

Just a reminder, spellings are set every Monday and are tested the following Monday, this is enough time for you and your child to use Look Cover Write Check techniques and to do a practice test. 

English and Maths homework is set every week on a Friday and needs to be returned no later than the following Thursday so it can be marked. 

Please remember reading folders must be in every day as books are changed on a Monday and reading diaries are checked throughout the week. 

Our library session is on Fridays, please return all books even if your child wishes to renew theirs.  Please keep your Show and Tell items to those that are related to topics or achievements!

Mrs Dixon and Mrs Rhodes

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