Year 2

Class Page for Year 2

Summer Term in Year 2 Cool 

As the sun starts to shine, Year 2 begin their Maypole dancing.  We have two opportunities to perform, firstly at the school’s Food Festival on Friday 19th May and then at the St Chad’s Church Fete on Saturday 10th June. We hope you will come and support us as we keep this tradition alive!

The whole class has really impressed us with their hard work and grown-up attitudes to all the quizzes they have taken. They have a few more to go this term so early nights and water to drink in school would really help their concentration.  Thank you so much for all the support you have been giving your child in helping them answer questions about the texts they are reading at home; it really makes a difference.

Your child will shortly be bringing home the Common Exception Words that they are expected to be able to spell by the middle of May.  Some children will only have a couple of words to practise, others may need to spend a little longer making these secure ready for the Juniors.

The children really enjoyed the author/character quiz and completing their sponsored read for World Book Day and we loved guessing which characters they had come dressed as! 

Shh!  Secret mission – What is the word that means something is written as it sounds? 

 O_o_ _ _o_o _ _ _   E.g. Quack quack

Come and tell us for a housepoint!

We have also been learning about writing non-fiction texts such as non-chronological reports.  Colin the Caterpillar helps us remember all the features that we need to include in this type of information writing.  Can your child remember and explain all 10 body parts?! (Here are some clues to help them – T, Intr, TBox, Pic, Para, Sub, PresT, Cap, Sent and Conj).  The children have become very skilled at organising their writing into paragraphs and using conjunctions (such as ‘because’, ‘although’ and ‘if’). 

As part of our Science topic last term we looked at the parts of a plant and how to care for them.  The class enjoyed discovering exactly what cress requires to grow healthily.  This term we will be growing our own beans and making sure they get everything they need to be strong and healthy.

Shh! Secret mission – Why did the watered cress in the cupboard manage to grow without sunlight?  Come and tell us for a housepoint!

A huge thank you for all the hard work that went into the children’s Science projects for the Science Fair.  We were delighted by the effort and excellent content of each one.  The children loved sharing them in assembly and touring the school looking at the work of other children too.  Congratulations to our winners Megan and Evie! 

In Numeracy we have all been practising our times table multiplication facts (2x, 5x, 10x) as well as the division facts that are related. eg. 2x5=10 and 5x2=10 so therefore 10÷2=5 and 10÷5=2 We are having weekly tests and we have been encouraging the class to use their trips up and down stairs to practise chanting the multiples. eg. 1st step "2", 2nd step "4", 3rd step "6". Once they've mastered those, they can move onto 3x and then 4x tables.  Well done to those children who have already gained their first few certificates.

There are lots of Maths games for you to try:

Times tables

Telling the time

The children are thoroughly enjoying their Forest School sessions.  They have been doing all sorts of exciting, sometimes mucky, activities, so PLEASE remember to wear old named clothes on Fridays and bring your named wellies in a named plastic bag!

Further topics this term include The Fire of London in History, Celebrations in RE, and Puppets in DT.

Just a reminder, our library session is on Fridays; please return all books even if your child wishes to renew theirs.  Please keep your Show and Tell items to those that are related to topics or achievements!

We would particularly love anyone who could listen to individual children read on Monday at 11-12pm.  If you can help, please pop in to see us.

Mrs Dixon and Mrs Rhodes

Have a look at the pictures below of the class having fun on the Easter Trail, learning about ordinal numbers, making flapjacks, meeting a newborn lamb and visiting Compton Verney.  You are very welcome to pop in to see the photo display of our school trip.