Year 1

Class Page for Year 1

This term Year1’s topics start with finding out about old toys. The children will compare parents’ and grandparents’ toys with those children play with today.  They will compare how and why the toys move and the materials used to make them.  Associated with this History topic is our D.T. topic on making moving pictures.

One of Year 1’s Science topics called ‘Seasonal changes’ is on-going as we look at the changes in the natural world around school during the year. This includes using thermometers to measure the changes in temperature daily and recording these.

In Geography, Year 1 will follow maps of the local area, locating features in the village and school grounds.  The children will also use maps of the UK and learn about the four countries of the British Isles.

In R.E. Year 1 will learn about ‘Who is a Christian and what do they believe?’.

The Maths curriculum for the Spring term covers these areas:

  • Number and place value
  • Addition and subtraction, including knowing doubles and using coins
  • Comparing weights, measuring length and capacity
  • Telling the time
  • Sequences of 2s, 10s and 5s, odds and evens
  • Using numbers to 100

In English the children continue to work on developing their reading skills through learning the sounds to blend and word-build and learning skills for comprehension.  In writing, Year 1 are working on learning to write in sentences. Any writing that your child can do at home is very valuable in enabling them to practise spelling, using their sounds and writing in sentences. The children will learn to use adjectives and connectives in their writing. Handwriting is practised frequently, developing an understanding of letter families.

Our ICT includes becoming familiar with using the keyboard, understanding how to save work, change the font and colour, use clip art and mouse control. Year 1 also use the ipads for Maths and English games.

The children have responsibilities to carry out during the year in Year 1.

They are as follows:

School councillors : Daniel and Ellie

Class ambassadors: Sachin and Isabelle

Sports : Isaac and Louisa

ICT: Albert and Sienna

This website is useful for letter formation. Click here.

To find a useful website to support Year 1 Maths click here.

Click here for a useful website about our History topic.

Click here for a website about Year 1 Geography.

Reading in Year 1

Please hear your child read at least three times per week.

If you need to contact the Year 1 teacher, this is the e-mail address:

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