Team Tachbrook

Team Tachbrook

Team Tachbrook Update:


Autumn fixtures have got off to a good start with some tough football matches against strong teams but our Y6 squad is so far unbeaten and has impressed us wit htheir skill and positive teamwork. Most recently, the match against Lillington was a real lesson in perseverance, teamwork and never ever giving up! You can read the match report above.

Netballers are hard at work each Friday in their training and their competition starts in the new year when all that training will pay off. The Sports Grant has subsidised the squad's new kit and has paid for new lighting at the back of the school to assit with training and playing on darker evenings.

Our Cross Country Squad have had some fantastic results in the Inter-Schools League and we have already come 2nd (girls) out of all the local schools taking part in these events.


2016-2017 once again sees further welcome investment by Government in PE and Sports for schools. You can read more about this grant and the impact it is already having in the report at the bottom of this page.

BT School has already made good use of the grant for a variety of projects to raise participation in competitive sports, including:

  • Subscribing to a local Sports Partnership to provide more competitive sport.
  • Installing flood lighting at the rear of school so pupils can play Netball later longer and more safely after school.
  • Installing new PE lockers gfor KS1 so that changing for sports clubs and lessons is quicker (no kit gets lost now) so more time is spent in PE rather than changing.

During 2016-'17 we will continue to make further use of this grant to:

  • Continue to ensure that every pupil receives 'Bikeability' training in both Year 4 and again in Year 6 so that they twice have safety training and a chance to receive special Bikeability awards at Level 1 and Level 2, encouraging all our pupils raise their own skill lebvles and develop  a healthy and safe lifestyle.  


  Of course, our popular after school sports clubs continue 3 times per week. We have even had to take on a third football coach to cope with the demand and an extra session on Mondays for the youngest pupils whose enthusiasm is amazing.


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