Student Council

Student Council

Our Student Council is elected from each KS1 and KS2 class by the children in the class. The student councillors meet regularly to provide opinions and ideas which help the school staff, governors and parish councillors reach decisions that take account of what the pupils themselves think.

Our Council 2016-17

Felix and Ruby (6), Matthew and Evie (5), Zack and Amelia (4), Tom B and Isobel (3), Hattie and Harry (2) and Zoe and Vlad (1) are the Student Councillors this year.


The councillors' first task will be leading  our school as we  re-brand ourselves as an officially Healthy School and update our Healthy School Award.


The Student Council regularly helps the staff make choices about appropriate rewards for each end-of-half-term treat for those pupils who have upheld our school's expectations on behaviour (it's nearly everybody most terms). Recently the Student Council chose a creative morning in mixed age groups.


The Student Council has also met with some of the governors who wanted pupils' ideas about the Sports Grant spending in the school. This helped the Head Teacher and governors make a decision which will affect everyone in the future with our new table tennis tables to keep everyone active and fit at lunchtime and playtimes.

The Student Council also re wrote our 'Short Behaviour Guide' in the pupils' own words. You can read it here.

The Student Council also consults with other decision makers. They met recently with a parish councillor to explain their ideas for a bid the parish is making to obtain funds to provide new play equipment. 

If you have an idea about how our school can be even better, just speak to your class representative.


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