Parent View

Parent View

We are always happy to receive feedback. The official views of parents are here. Below is a selection of recent comments from parents, families, friends, carers, visitors and pupils:

Autumn 2018-

"Our daughter has already been inspired to learn in Year 1. She has really developed her confidence. Thank you for understanding her and making her love coming to school so much." (Y1 parents)

Thank you for your Open Day. From the moment we were signed in by your welcoming office staff, I was already feeling a warmth from the school.  My daughter was mesmerised in the Reception classroom and outside area. The two boys who showed us around were fantastic ambassadors for the school who could not wait to share their very positive thoughts and feelings about the school as a whole; they were confident and endearing. Thank you for inviting us into assembly; it showed so much about the school and its values and the behaviour was brilliant. I am so pleased I had the opportunity to visit and I hope my daughter flourishes in the same way as the two boys who guided us round have.

Summer 2018-


"Such a fantastic school headed up by a truly remarkable Head teacher. The enthusiasm, positivity and praise you show the children encourages each and every one of them to do their best." (Y2 Parent).


 "I feel so reassured after talking to these two teachers (Reception and Y1) and want to pass on our thanks to them." (Reception Parent).


"Our son has made such amazing progress and his attitude has hugely improved and that is all down to you guys and the experiences you have given him." (Y2 parent)

"On many occasions you have all gone above and beyond. We really appreciate every phone call, meeting, shoulder to cry on and note home. We have seen how (our daughter) has come on so much- you really are wonderful teachers!" (Y2 parents)

"I know (our son) has been a challenge on occasion(!) but he is now much more enthusiastic about using clay, paint etc at home. Your work with the children is lovely to see!" (Reception parent)

"You have worked so hard and have given (our son) a fun and inspirational year. Your energy and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated" (Y2 parent)

"Thank you for all the hard work you have put into teaching (our son). We were both very proud reading his school report." (Y2 parents)

"Our son has loved Year 1" (parent)

"Thank you for all the support you have given (our daughter) throughout the year- we really appreciate it" (Y1 parents)

"Thank you for always teaching me in a fun and creative way" (Y6 pupil)

"Thank you for your understanding, respect and support for (our daughter)" (Y6 Parent)

"Thank you for the very sensitive way you have supported (our son)". (Parents of child with SEND)

"You have always put a smile on my face;thank you for being there for me." (Y6 pupil)

"Words cannot express how grateful we are for the excellent year he has had. We could not be more proud of him. His SATs results and his performance at the show sum up our boy with his new found determination and self belief." (Y6 parent)

"Thank you for being by my side from the first day in Y6 until the very last day." (Y6 pupil)

"You have given me so much confidence, I may not have shown it but I'm grateful to have had such an awesome Y6 teacher." (Y6 pupil)

"Thank you for everything you've done, I'll always be grateful. Thank you is too small a word for a world of good." (Y6 Parent).

"Thank you for giving our little one BIG dreams." (Y3 Parent).

"Thank you for all the hard work over the year and for letting us parents breathe easy." (Y3 Parent).

"Thank you for teaching, caring, nurturing, encouraging and providing a safe and happy learning environment for our children."  (Y6 parents).

"You've always been so approachable, helpful and creative and Bishop's Tachbrook is very lucky to have such an amazing school." (Y6 parent).

"Your passion, vision and determination never fails to impress me." (Y2 Parent).

"A huge thank you for all of your support with  [our son] this year. It is such a comfort to know that he is known and cared for by you (as all of the children are, I can see!) as well as by the class teachers and TA's." (Reception Parents). 

"Thank you for providing (my son) with such a caring, safe and nurturing environment." (Reception parent).

"I wanted to let you all know that your passion and energy to develop wonderfully rounded individuals is hugely appreciated. The care and attention paid to each child by you has been fantastic. The school has gone from strength to strength over the years, a real credit to you." (Y6 parents).


Spring 2018-

"My daughter and I visit your school for Table Tennis a couple of times a week and I just wanted to say what amazing artwork you have on display in the hall for all age groups. It never ceases to amaze me and is a feast for the imagination. It really is incredible, you have so many talented atists. Please pass on my thanks to all those involved."

"It was lovely talking to you on parents' evening, (our son) is indeed a very happy boy at BT School."

Autumn 2017-

"I’ve just been looking at all the great photos from today’s (Tudor) banquet and wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved in putting on such a wonderful experience for the children, one I’m sure, they will all remember forever! The organisation and commitment involved in making it a success, I know, doesn’t just happen in working hours. So, thank you to all the teachers, support staff and volunteers for giving so much to the children. We are all very lucky and grateful." (Y2 Parent).

 "I am delighted that my grandson is at BT school and pleased this school is proud of its Christian values -displayed prominently on your website. The website is easy to navigate, and besides being helpful to parents, helps grandparents to keep in touch with what is going on too." (Reception Grandparent).

Summer 2017-

"We couldn't have wished for a better primary school for (our daughter) to attend." (Y6 Parents).

"The school gives each child every opportunity to succeed and feel good about themselves and if they don't you do something about it."

"We can honestly say that her time at school could not have been more enjoyable." (Y6 Parents).

"I know that (our daughter) cherishes each memory and will draw upon these experiences in years to come. Each year her teachers have brought out the very best in her. If anyone was to ask me I would say Bishop's Tachbrook Primary school is unique; the staff really care about each individual student."

"Our son has had a fantastic Year 6. His confidence has grown so much and we believe (along with the fantastic teachers) it's down to his Cross-Country. Watching him shine has been a delight for us as parents. It amazes us how you get to know each child so well. We really appreciate you."

"Our daughter has had so many wonderful opportunities at BT and has thoroughly enjoyed school. Since joining you in Year 2, she has flourished, and we are well aware of how much care, hard work and effort you and your staff have put in to achieve this."

"Thank you for being so patient and understanding with (our daughter) this year. It makes a huge difference to our lives having a great teacher!"

"We just wanted to thank you and the children at BT School for making our son feel so welcome. He is so happy! As I walked up the path at the side of the school there was joy bursting out through your school windows and doors! Thank you for letting us join your caring joyful community."

"(Our daughter) loves going to school every day and that is a testament to the awesomeness of all the staff."

"This year has been challenging in all sorts of respects but we greatly appreciate you and your staff's willingness to listen, help and advise as the year has progressed."

"My sincerest thanks for your leadership of the most wonderful school and Tachbrook team."

"We have been really impressed by the Year 6 team.The teaching, support and wider opportunities have allowed (our son) to progress academically to a standard we are very proud of and personally they have recognised and supported his needs in a professional,empathetic and nurturing way. He couldn't have been better prepared for the next stage."

"Thank you for all your hard work and commitment. (Our daughter's) time at Bishop's Tachbrook could not have been more enjoyable. We have watched her grow and develop into such a confident and competent young person over the last 7 years. We know and appreciate what an important role the school has played in this and we are very grateful to you and all your staff."

"Thank you for everything you have taught (our daughter) she has gained so much in self confidence and belief and this is down to Bishop's Tachbrook School."

"You have been so thoughtful and responsive to (our son's) needs. The progress he has made is fantastic and has set him up in a great position to start Myton. We can't thank you enough."

Summer 2017- Some of our pupils wrote to us to say:

"Thank you for being an amazing teacher throughout this year, you made the lessons fun."

"I'd like to start off with a massive thank you for teaching me. You have definitely been one of the kindest teachers I know of. Your smile is one of the nicest I know."

"I'm going to miss you next year! I hope you carry on teaching and that you make every Y6 class as enjoyable as it was for me."

"Thank you for letting me enjoy my education. You have always given me a chance which gets the best out of pupils."

"The world needs more teachers just like you to make every child's day awesome!"

"Every day has been great fun and I'm going to miss you a lot next year!"

Summer 2016 - One of our Y6 pupils wrote to say:

"Thank you to the school and staff for making my childhood better than I could've ever imagined."

Parents and carers say:

"We are lucky to be on the doorstep of a great school where the Head knows each child by name and what their strengths are."

"Bursting with pride, when we get home he pulls out his Stage 7 reading book (with a huge smile on his face). Thank you for helping our star shine!"

"The school really is my safety blanket and I appreciate your commitment and hard work."

"Thank you so much for being a HUGE part of our lives! You are all amazing and we will miss you!"

"My grand daughter leaves this summer but she will move on having had such a good grounding in her education. Thank you to all for your high standards."

"I love the small friendly feel of Bishop's Tachbrook. It sets the perfect learning environment for our son."

 "Caring ethos, valuing individuals."

 "I feel the teachers are very approachable and helpful. They always have ideas we can work on."

"Thank you for being a fantastic supportive Head Teacher. [Our children] have thrived at Bishop's Tachbrook."

"Our son has once again had a fantastic year; you have valued his abilities and strengths, he has relished your firm but fair approach, you have modelled kindness and your teaching techniques have enhanced his education and your patience has been recognised. Thank you, our son has attended day after day happily."  [Year 1 parents]

"Our daughter's teacher is remarkable and an outstanding asset to the school; her regular feedback to all parents gives an honest appraisal with a personal touch." [Reception parents]

"Thank you for all your support this year!"   [ Y4 parent]

"I've noticed a positive change in her attitude and behaviour at home. Many months have passed and I am still very happy. Thanks for all your help and support. One happy mummy"      [Y4 parent]

"Thank you so much, (our child) has blossomed so much this year and it is so much down to your hard work. There are some teachers that inspire in this life and you both certainly do. Thank you for being a listening ear to me and for nurturing our girl."  [Y2 parent]

"Many thanks for all your outstanding work with our three children over all these years. It's made a real difference." [Y6 parents]

"Thank you. (Our son) has had a fantastic year.....his enthusiasm towards reading is amazing and he even does his homework without being asked- a day we never thought would come!  We know that your calm, kind and fair manner has really improved his confidence."  [Y3 parent]

"A huge thank you for helping my daughter fulfil her potential. She has thoroughly enjoyed her year with you. Thank you so much."   [Y6 parent]

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