Year 4

Class page for Year 4 Spring 2017

Update March 2017 - Click here to visit our very own website about desert wildlife!

Welcome to Year 4!

On this page you can read news about Year 4 and find out what we are learning this term. You will also find links to other websites that will help you with your topic homework.

For our next Science unit, we move on to Chemistry as we learn all about reversible changes.

You can read about reversible and irreversible changes here:

Try out some reversible (and irreversible) changes in this virtual Chemistry lab:

Our Geography project this term is about the Weather around the World. We are hoping to have learned enough by the end of this unit to be able to film our own World Weather Forecasts.

We start off by practising using world maps to locate continents, oceans and countries. Then we shall begin investigating the weather, both in Bishop's Tachbrook and in other places around the world. We shall learn how climate graphs can be used to show seasonal weather patterns, and begin to find out what it's like to live in a Mediterranean, Tropical, Desert or Polar climate.

We shall be using our ICT and Computing skills to analyse and present data (including the filming and editing of our own weather forecasts), and to collaborate on our own class website.

Below are links to useful websites that you can use at home.

This link will take you to an up-to-date world map.

 There are games on this site that will help you with your world geography.

 You can colour in (almost!) all the countries of the world on this outline map.

 Can you colour in all these European countries with their national flags? (Beware - this is tricky!)

Click on these links for information about each of the 7 continents:

Africa Antarctica Asia

 Europe North America Oceania South America

Weather & Climate Links:

 The Met Office website is useful for looking up weather forecasts around the world.

 On this site, you can look up what the weather was actually like (rather than the forecast) over the past week.

Animal Links:

Click on the picture below for a page of links about rainforest animals.

Click on the pictures below for a page of links about polar animals.